Training with MAD ROBOT is better because:


MAD ROBOT overcomes the "startle" effect of an aggressive suspect rushing the officer.

Everyone can be startled, it is a natural reaction.  In use-of-deadly-force encounters, the result can be the loss of life if the officer makes an inappropriate or delayed reaction.

By utilizing MAD ROBOT to make sudden and unpredictable movements in realistic training scenarios, the officer can effectively learn to replace the "startle" reaction with a timely and appropriate response.  Standard pop-up and tracked targets cannot simulate the unpredictable movements of a real suspect the way MAD ROBOT can.

SWAT members encounter MAD ROBOT in shoot house

MAD ROBOT can eliminate the officer's natural urge to "charge" an armed suspect on the initial encounter. When an officer "charges" an armed suspect, the officer essentially precludes all cover fire and physical support from the other team members.  This can be especially dangerous if the officer's weapon malfunctions, or worse, the officer is shot.

Integrating MAD ROBOT into controlled, realistic, and repeatable scenarios teaches officers to overcome the urge to "charge" in the safety of a training environment.  Once again, MAD ROBOT can simulate a suspect in a manner that no other conventional training target can.


Officer confronts MAD ROBOT MAD ROBOT builds officer's skills and confidence with their actual duty weapon system and equipment when operating under stress.  MAD ROBOT comes closest to an actual use-of-deadly-force encounter, with all the stress, noise, movement and confusion involved in live fire.  No other target system or video-based simulator even comes close.


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