Multi-Purpose - All-Terrain - Deployable - Remote - Operated - Ballistic - Optimizing - Target

Standard Equipment (Included in base price) Basic part numbers: MR2 or MR3
  Base vehicle rolling chassis, complete with ballistic resistant steel deck, drive motors, electronics, and 2 each sealed lead-acid batteries
Radio control system, with two-channel receiver and hand-held transmitter, plus 8 each AA alkaline batteries
Whip antenna for base vehicle
Automatic battery charger for base vehicle lead-acid batteries
Target mounting post, 1.25"D x 28"L
Hex key, ", for target mounting post
Instructions, Warranty, Registration Form, Safety Disclaimer
Shipping container, cardboard with foam inserts, suitable for international destinations

(at extra cost)
  Dampers (hydraulic shock absorbers) Improves stability and reduces spring rebound bounce on rough terrain, impact or less-lethal munitions training. To specify, order MR Option D.
  Tandem Drive Wheels Improves traction and flotation on soft and loose surfaces. To specify, order MR Option T
  Target Mounting Adapters Each target type requires an adapter to attach the target to the Target Mounting Post as shown on the prior page. See the Target Mounting Adapters data sheet for more details.  Custom target mounting adapters can also be provided; contact USAI for a quote.
  Targets See prior page for introduction. See the TARGETS data sheet for available targets and part numbers.

Specifications (MR2 & MR3)
  Speed 0 to 7 mph, variable in forward or reverse
  Size 33" (MR2) or 37" (MR3) Long x 28" Wide x 6" High (at top of deck), Drive Wheels are 8" High. Overall target height depends on specific post and target used.
  Weight 68 pounds, base vehicle without target
  Battery Life 4 to 8 hours, depending on load, terrain, temperature and operator skill
  Radio Range 150 to 300 feet, standard transmitter
  Operation Environment Temperature range: -20F to 150F. Able to climb 15%+ inclines and traverse 4 inches of standing water. Limited use in gravel, mud, snow or soft sand.
Load Capacity 100 pounds maximum target, accessory and cargo weight

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers, including the:

  US Customs Service
  US Marshals Service
  US Navy Seal Team One
  USMC Battle Laboratory      USMC 1st MEF, Special Operations  Training Group

  Hungarian National Police Academy
  Israeli Defense Force

  Hong Kong Police Dept.
  California State Prison System
  Beverly Hills, CA Police Dept.

  Ronald Reagan National Airport

  San Francisco, CA Police Dept.

  ● Simi Valley, CA Police Dept.

  Fairfax, VA Police Dept.
  Pennsylvania Police Academy
  Broward, FL County Sheriff's Dept.
  Spokane, WA Police Dept.

  ● Dominion Virginia Power

  ● Omaha Public Power District

  ● Ohio Division of Wildlife


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