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The MAD ROBOT supports a variety of target types.  Each type requires a Target Mounting Adapter to attach the target to the Target Mounting Post.  The standard adapters and their target types are shown here.

DSP - D-Style Spike Plate
Used with 3D Poly Foam targets (Delta).  The spikes of the adapter are pushed into the bottom of the target.  The adapter, with the target attached, is set on top of the standard (28"L) Target Mounting Post and the set screws tightened.  A " Hex L-key is included.

TMP - Tall Mounting Post
Used with 3D Poly Vinyl targets (Target Pro). This adapter replaces the standard (28"L) Target Mounting Post with a longer, 36"L post.  The post has a hole near the top for a steel clip (included) that keeps the target from slipping down the post.  After the TMP has been mounted on the MAD ROBOT, the target is lowered onto the top of the TMP until the clip is seated in the fitting on the bottom of the target.  Secure the target to the post by tightening the clamp.

UTM - Universal Target Mount
Used with FLX-90 or other paper target frames.  The horizontal member of the target frame is drilled for two 3/8" bolts on 2" centers.  For wood frames, 3" long bolts are supplied as well as fender washers and lock nuts.  A " Hex L-key is included as well.


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