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Welcome to the United Service Associates, Inc. website.  After 28 years in business, we have unfortunately discontinued all manufacturing of our robots. However, we do still offer our consulting, and design services on all of our previous models!  Here you will learn about our many products and services.  While we have tried to make this site as complete as possible to answer all of your questions, we know you will think of things that we didn't.  Please feel free to contact us by any of the means listed at the bottom of each page.

USAI develops and consults on a variety of robotic systems and components.

 These products are used in:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Industry
  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Robotic Competition
  • Research
  • Sports
Metalmorphis - Competition Robot MAD ROBOT - Remote Controlled Target MP2 - General Purpose Motion Platform

For more information on our products, just select one of the listings below.

MAD ROBOT® - Remote Controlled Target Platform for firearms and less-lethal weapons. (Also Target Adapters and Targets.)
MP1 - General Purpose Motion Platform

The following products do not yet have on-line descriptions

Please contact USAI directly for more information

ROVING EYE™- Audio/Video Telepresense and Surveillance robot
BOW-BOT™- Remote Controlled Archery Target
Team USAI - Robot Competition

To purchase USAI products contact our factory or the authorized dealer nearest you.

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