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Take the rugged, reliable technology of the USAI MAD ROBOT™, remove its’ target, mount and bullet-resistant deck plate, and you have a general purpose remote-controlled or autonomous Motion Platform. A Motion Platform is a mobile assembly that can carry a variety of sensors, actuators and/or freight, over different surfaces and terrains under the control of a remote operator or its’ own on-board intelligence. The MP1 provides a tough, high capacity Motion Platform for those applications that need its’ combination of payload, speed, reliability and turnkey ease of use. Starting with the proven MAD ROBOT drive package will give your project a major head start. You can concentrate your efforts on the elements unique to your application and be assured that the MP1 will transport your controls, sensors and cargo load with the same reliability of the tried and tested MAD ROBOT.



  • On-board payload capacity of up to 100 pounds (on smooth, flat (up to 15% grade) terrain) at up to 7 mph

  • Outfitted for towing, it can pull a rolling weight of up to 200 additional pounds
  • The heavy-duty motors and drive train, combined with the overload-protection built into the electronic motor controller, provides unprecedented reliability, even under adverse or abusive operating conditions
  • A variety of standard configurations allow the MP1 to be optimized for your project quickly and economically.
  • Basic assembly size (as shown) 33”L x 28”W x 8”H
  • Internal power: 2 x 12VDC/7AH SLA Rechargeable batteries (the motor controller provides regulated 5VDC at 300mA on each channel for an R/C receiver or other electronic controls)
  • There is space inside the main chassis for customer-supplied electronics as well as three 1” diameter holes for access to the interior


  MP1 with 5” casters, and radio control: Model 2R

The MP1 consists of a steel main chassis and a set of four spring-loaded, pivoting outrigger arms with wheels at the ends for stability and suspension. The main chassis supports the two 8” dia. drive wheels. The main chassis contains two motor/gearcase assemblies, two 12V batteries and the dual-channel motor controller. Each motor controller channel drives one of the motors that, in turn, drive the wheels at either end of the chassis. The control inputs to the motor controller channels are R/C-compatible Pulse-Width-Modulated signals that specify the direction and speed of each drive wheel. The MP1 steers by running the drive wheels at different speeds. If the wheels are run in opposite directions, the MP1 will turn on its’ own axis.

The motors, under no-load conditions, draw about 2A when running at full speed. At full charge, the batteries could power them for more than 3 hours.

Bottom view, access plate removed, shows control space in center of chassis with the charging port, power switch, and motor controller  


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