SLP - Slip Fit
The SLP adapter is used with a variety of targets, as shown below.  The adapter consists of an oval flange fitting and a metal backing plate as well as fastening hardware:  2 each of a ½-13 x 1½ Hex Cap Screw, a ½ID x 1½OD Fender Washer and a ½-13 Lock Nut.  A ¼" Hex L-Key for the set screws is also included.
SLP with 3D Plastic Body (L.E.T.I. "Manikin")
This target must be modified by cutting a 4" diameter hole in the rear of the target torso to access the interior.  Then drill two ½" diameter holes in the bottom of the torso to match the holes in the flange fitting.  Fasten the flange fitting to the target with the supplied screws, washers and nuts.  The backing plate is not required for this target.
SLP with 3D Plastic Half Shell ("Tactical Ted" and "Tac Man")
This target also requires modification to attach the SLP adapter.  Two ½" holes must be drilled in the bottom of the target for the screws.  The backing plate and washers are used on the inside of the shell while the flange fitting and nuts go on the outside.

HSM - Hostage/Suspect Mount
The HSM adapter allows two targets to be mounted on a single MAD ROBOT.  The main adapter consists of a single fitting on the bottom of a horizontal crosspiece.  Two more fittings are mounted on the top of the crosspiece, about 21" apart.  The adapter includes two 5" long and two 12" long mounting posts.  The 12" posts are drilled and fitted  with steel clips for the 3D Poly Vinyl targets.

When you purchase your targets from United Service Associates, Inc. we make any necessary modifications required for our adapters.  We can also supply custom adapters for your targets.
The targets shown are for illustration only.  They are not included with the Mounting Adapters.


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